Plymouth: League of Women Voters in support of expanded bottle bill

That the League of Women Voters is in favor of an expanded bottle bill cannot be doubted.  The group manned a booth at the Plymouth Farmers Market in the rain Thursday to enlist support.

The League’s Linda Benezra delivers a convincing message:

“The big litter problem today is the water bottles, the juice bottles, a whole product line that didn’t exist when the bottle bill was passed thirty years ago.  So, we’re asking you to sign this pledge that you will vote yes on Question 2 on Nov. 4th  and we’ll send you a reminder.”

“I’m glad to do that because I’m sick and tired of seeing gazillions of plastic bottles all over the place.”

But, not everyone is sold on the idea: 

“I don’t think the bottle bill is needed.  I haven’t decided.  I want to look at both sides and then make a decision.”

And, there are those for whom it’s simply a matter of what’s right: 

“Well, I’m in support of the bottle bill because it just seems like the right thing to do.”

The Plymouth League of Women Voters' table at the Plymouth Farmers Market. Photo by Bobbi Clark/WATD

The Plymouth League of Women Voters’ table at the Plymouth Farmers Market. Photo by Bobbi Clark/WATD

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