Plymouth: Plymouth’s Trash Program is a Winner, Comedian Jimmy Tingle Rocks Crowd


Plymouth DPW Director Jonathan Beder accepts the Trash Bash award from Claire Galkowski, Executive Director, South Shore Recycling Cooperative


Comedian Jimmy Tingle captivated the crowd at the the South Shore Recycling Cooperative’s “Trash Bash” Awards held at the Jones River Trading Company Thursday, with innovative ideas—one of them to utilize the breakdown lanes on Route 3:

“Windmills in the breakdown lane! Look at all that untapped wind—whosh-whoosh-whoosh. Now think about this—think about this—using wind, generated by cars running on foreign oil. You create electricity to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.”

And back to more serious moments, the SSRC recognized advances in Plymouth’s curbside program. DPW Director Jonathan Beder:

“On behalf of the town today, we accepted the award. I think it has shown drastic reductions in trash and great increases in recycling.”

The towns of Scituate and Hanson also won awards. The SSRC is a group of fourteen South Shore towns working cooperatively to improve their trash and recycling programs.


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