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Weymouth: Hundreds Turn Out To Oppose Natural Gas Compressor Proposal

The state Energy Facilities Siting Board hosted a hearing Wednesday night at the Abigail Adams Middle School in Weymouth, regarding a proposal to build a natural gas compressor near the Fore River Bridge.

Weymouth Gas Compressor Hearing

Weymouth Gas Compressor Hearing

Hundreds of people turned out at the hearing to show their opposition to the proposal.

Spectra Energy wants to build a compressor station for a natural gas pipeline at the Fore River Bridge near the MWRA pumping station.

Weymouth Mayor Sue Kay said the neighborhood could be severely impacted in the event of an emergency at the compressor station.

“Mass G.I.S. has the site listed within a hurricane inundation zone. This means the site may become inaccessible during, and or after a category 2 hurricane. Only a 2 – and completely inundated after a category 4 hurricane – and we’ve seen them!

In addition, if a major event did occur, it would have the possibility of shutting down Route 3A, damaging or closing the Fore River Bridge – can you imagine! – and or disrupting trade on the Fore River itself,” the Mayor said.

North Weymouth Town Councilor Becky Haugh said if something does go wrong, tens of thousands of residents could be affected.

“If the evacuation zone was one mile, pinpoints for residents would be Saint Jerome’s Church on Route 3A, the Abigail Adams birthplace on Norton Street and the intersection of the Southern Artery and Washington Street in Quincy.

If the evacuation zone in an emergency was 2 miles, that would be the Hingham Shipyard, Weymouth’s town hall and Quincy center.

We are talking about evacuating tens of thousands of people, and shutting down the most traveled road in Weymouth, should an emergency arise,” Haugh explained.

Although the state energy facilities siting board has no authority regarding the gas compressor site, it can advocate residents’ concerns to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


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