Weymouth: Officials Submit Resolution Opposing Natural Gas Compressor Facility

The Weymouth town council unanimously voted Monday night to send a resolution to local state and federal officials and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC, opposing Spectra Energy Algonquin Gases proposal to install a natural gas compressor, right next to the Fore River Bridge.

North Weymouth Town Councilor Becky Haugh has been leading the charge against the gas compressor proposal.

“We’re a very highly dense neighborhood, very highly populated and we already have a lot of industry there, so if an emergency were to occur, we would be in a very difficult situation if we had to shut down Route 3A.

The gas compressor station directly abuts the Fore River Bridge. So if anything had to be shut down there, 3A would have to be shut down. Where would all the commuters from Scituate, Cohasset and Hingham go? They would have to go through Weymouth Landing,” Haugh explained.

Town Councilor Brian McDonald also adamantly opposes the installation of a gas compressor at the Fore River Bridge.

“To try to put this facility in such a densely populated area is insane. For a half a mile radius to be the distance, is insane.”

McDonald referred to the distance of the fallout released into the air in the event of an emergency, at the proposed gas compressor facility.


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