Goldie’s Hot List ~ Golf Channel Academy Jane Frost Golf Performance Center

95.9 WATD's Goldie with Jane Frost at her new facility in partnership with Golf Channel Academy the Jane Frost Golf Performance Center located at Sandwich Hollows Golf Club on Cape Cod

95.9 WATD’s Liza Churchill (Goldie) with Jane Frost at her new facility in partnership with Golf Channel Academy ~ The Jane Frost Golf Performance Center located at Sandwich Hollows Golf Club on Cape Cod (photo WATD/Patricia Eastman)


July 16, 2015 ~ Let’s face it – it’s always a good time for a golf lesson!

This week’s MUST HAVE is golf lessons with award winning Golf instructor Jane Frost at her brand spankin’ new year round teaching  facility  The Golf Channel Academy ~ Jane Frost Golf Performance Center located at The Sandwich Hollows Golf Club in Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod

As one of the top golf instructors in the USA Jane‘s teamed up with the Golf Channel to open one of the 57 inaugural Golf Channel Academy nationwide locations, now in 26 states and Canada, providing  a hands on extension of the wildly popular Golf Channel Academy prime time instructional programming

“Golf Channel Academy is a natural brand extension of our popular, high-quality instructional programming,” said Mike McCarley, President, Golf Channel

“Our viewers will have the opportunity to interact with Golf Channel’s brand beyond traditional media platforms as Golf Channel Academy facilities open in markets across North America.  Golf Channel works closely with PGA of America and LPGA teaching professionals and values their ability to enhance golfer’s enjoyment of the game, which ultimately encourages their students to play more golf.  With this goal in mind, Golf Channel Academy coaches are committed to engaging golfers through instruction to make the game more accessible, inviting and fun.”

The name Jane Frost is well known to golfers here in the New England area.  In 1985, Jane had the honor of becoming the first female member of the New England Section of the PGA of America and has accumulated many more firsts over her 30 plus year career since:  1994 LPGA Teacher of the Year, First Female NEPGA Teacher of the Year in 1996, Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers Alumnus, Golf Digest Magazine’s Inaugural 50 best teachers List to name a few.   As a former member of the Future’s Tour and having competed in over a dozen LPGA TOUR events, Jane knows full well what it takes to be a solid competitor #winning

It’s been about a two year process for Jane, along with the Golf Channel Academy, to bring ideas into form.  Jane dealt with a bit of red tape from the Town of Sandwich due to the legalities of Sandwich Hollows Golf Club being a Municipal golf course.  To top it off,  the harsh winter of 2014 on Cape Cod brought construction of The Jane Frost Golf Performance Center to a halt on a number of occasions and as of yet the building is not totally complete therefore Jane’s Grand Opening has yet to take place but is slated for sometime in August 2015.   Not to worry, Jane and her staff are on site daily and able to teach outside on the grass driving range and surrounding short game area

Click below to hear Jane’s views on being a “forewoman” at a construction site!

For those who enjoy a modern techie approach to the game of golf, Jane’s performance center is slated to have all the hottest gear for year round golf instruction!  There are two indoor teaching bays integrating high tech equipment such as K-Vest, High Speed Cameras, Launch Monitors ~ Foresight and Flight Scope, Balance Lab and Body Track, even Golf Simulators for when the inevitable cold weather hits Cape Cod

Jane’s certifications include;  AimPoint (MidPoint and Express Green Reading), TPI Level 3 GP and Level 2 Coaching, SAM PuttLab and U.S. Kids Golf  

Jane’s teaching staff consists of longtime Master Club Fitter and Coach PGA Bob Quirk and LPGA PGA Marion Walker, who has a concentration on Junior golf instruction

Click below to hear Jane chat about her staff ~ Bob Quirk and Marion Walker

A proponent of customized wedge and putter fitting, Jane is an Ambassador for the boutique club manufacturer Edel Golf and provides customized fitting for those golfers who may wish to purchase Edel products

Goldie’s Golf Lesson with Jane Frost

When Jane invited me down to her new golf performance center to see what it’s all about and to take a lesson, I of course I took her up on her offer!

Jane’s affable sincere personality and approach to the game instantly put me at ease as I began the task of combing thru my current swing issues.   We chatted about my pre-game driving range routine and started out with stretching exercises to loosen up the “golf specific muscles” and went from there

Jane Frost and Goldie stretching those "golf related muscles" before our lesson (photo by WATD/Patricia Eastman)

Jane Frost and Goldie stretching those “golf related muscles” pre golf lesson (photo  WATD/Patricia Eastman)


My Cobra golf clubs are fairly new from last season 2014.  I’m not totally comfortable with each and every club since I do not play on a weekly basis, so we then went thru my bag and decided which clubs I favor

Jane and came to the conclusion that I my golf personality type was that of a “hitter not a swinger” and thus I needed to switch that up pronto.  We started the process of proper grip – hand placement, ball placement, swing speed and tempo.   Good news is that apparently I have good posture even though I suffer from back issues ~ what golfer doesn’t?

As simple as that sounds Jane’s techniques made a big difference in the percentage of balls I made contact with (sweet spot), trajectory and distance control

Jane and I went over her suggestions after my lesson and made a future plan.  I found Jane’s method’s easy to comprehend, not over analytical or overwhelming and I departed with a sense of infinite possibilities for my golf game -

Jane Frost post lesson review and future plan for Goldie's golf game! (photo by WATD/Patricia Eastman)

Jane Frost post lesson review and future plan for Goldie’s golf game  (photo  WATD/Patricia Eastman)


Don’t hesitate to book a lesson or clinic with Jane Frost or any of her staff year round at

For a directory of all Golf Channel Academy locations and additional info on facilities, programs, PGA of America and LPGA teaching creds and the inaugural group of more than 190 lead and staff coaches go to

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