Pembroke: Business Owners Present Check to Police

The South Shore Business Roundtable presented a check of $1000 to Pembroke Police Chief Richard Wall.

The South Shore Business Roundtable presented a check of $1000 to Pembroke Police Chief Richard Wall.

The “South Shore Business Roundtable” is a Pembroke-based networking group that passes referrals between local business owners and business professionals.

They also give back to local communities.

The group presented a special check this week, during their Thursday meeting in Pembroke Town Hall.

“We presented Chief [Richard] Wall from the Pembroke Police Department with a check for $1,000 to go toward youth-safety and [the department's] anti-drug campaign,” said Bill Boyle, President of the Business Roundtable. 

But there was even more to the donation.

“In Pembroke, they started the Pembroke Titans Against Drugs,” so part of the money will be used to support that initiative, said Boyle. “They’re in the process of creating pamphlets that are going to be resources for families dealing with drug addiction… people they can reach out to and places they can go to help them during their troubled times.”

Boyle told WATD why it’s so important to support these groups.

“It’s all about building community and being there for the people in your community when you’re in need,” he said. “As I talked to Chief Wall yesterday, he said these problems aren’t going to get better on their own, and so we need to pull together as a community, especially local business owners that may be able to help out and help the people that are struggling through some tough times.” 

Boyle said the group  looks for opportunities to support causes like these. 

“Over in Holbrook, they had started an anti-drug hotline, an anonymous tip line, and we kind of spawned from that to say, ‘What could we do in our community to help the local police department, and just be an added resource?’

“Because as everybody knows, with budget constraints, things get tough and they need a little bit of help sometimes. So we had some extra money that we felt very strongly about donating to a great cause, and we couldn’t think of a better place to put it then back into our local community.” 

You can find out more on the South Shore Business Roundtable on their website: 

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