Weymouth: MWRA Gives Blessing for SouthField Water Supply

SouthField developer Lstar presented the Weymouth Town Council with ambitious new plans Monday night for the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station – as well a long awaited plan to get water to the site.

Preliminary plans for SouthField include a town center district with a hockey rink, hotel and conference center, mixed use residential and commercial and a 10,000 seat sports stadium.

There’s also a discovery district for bio-tech firms and a neighborhood district.

The plan will require huge amounts of water, which hasn’t been available.

But now the Mass Water Resource Authority has issued a letter of endorsement to provide the water supply, which is a huge step forward.

SouthField could then sell excess water capacity to surrounding towns, to help pay off the developer’s investment in building a 7 mile long water pipeline from Braintree to Weymouth.

Lstar President Kyle Corkum addressed the issue and said, “The MWRA will wholesale the water to us and we get to resell it to other communities, and there are a lot of communities in a water crisis, who can’t afford to pay for a pipe to come all the way down to them.

But if you start to look at regional solutions to solving water, this is bigger than SouthField! So if we’re willing to make the initial investment, a lot of towns can get out of water crisis and a lot of environmental problems that are being created because these towns are in crisis, can be reversed.”

Weymouth Town Council President Patrick O’Connor praised Lstar for their efforts with the MWRA.

“This piece of paper took 10 years to get to us, for the MWRA to say, yeah, we support an MWRA water supply to SouthField as an option.

We have had meetings that have lasted, I would say, twice as long as this, with individuals who told us that this was never going to be a possibility, and you came to us in four months and you delivered.”

Listen to the story here:

SouthField Discovery District Plan

SouthField Discovery District Plan


SouthField Town Center District Plan

SouthField Town Center District Plan


SouthField Discovery District Plan

SouthField Discovery District Plan


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