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August 20, 2015 ~ What’s your quick energy boost of choice before, during or after a great round of golf or other athletic activity?    

This week’s MUST HAVE is Glukos Energy Products ~ vegan, soy, dairy, caffeine and chemical free!  That’s no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, made with pure glucose ~ the body’s natural fuel  

Glukos products come in ready to drink, powder, gel, tablet, gummies and energy bars with yummy flavors like chocolate, cashew coconut, fruit punch, lemon, lime, orange, and peanut butter 


Glukos offers a wide array of flavors and products

Glukos offers a wide array of flavors and products


No stranger to competition, Glukos Inventor Mark Jensen is a former collegiate cross country and semi-pro runner.   Mark has even matched strength with the world’s best having competed in 6 Iron Man Triathlons over the years

Throughout his athletic endeavors, Mark and his fellow competitors kept their eyes peeled for pure, natural and sustaining natural ways to refuel; to push themselves harder to get that extra edge without side effects

Mark told me, “The answer I found, was glucose, the most efficient fuel the body can use.  Glucose requires no digestion, it’s instantly absorbed into the blood stream in the cells of the mouth first like an oral IV,  then delivered to muscles and cells as immediate energy”

A runner in high school, Mark remembers vividly, “during our most intensive workouts in the humid heat of the South, my cross country track coach would have us running over 100 miles a week.   My team mates and I would be searching for ways to sustain our energy levels and refuel before and after practice.  I would look at the ingredients in Gatorade, which has salt and I would think to myself, my Grandpa has high blood pressure from salt how can this be ok or I would eat Cheerios every morning and sprinkle it with sugar and it would settle at the bottom of my cereal bowl and I would see it and cringe”

Mark explained to me that, “Many sports nutrition drinks and products contain high fructose corn syrup, sucrose or maltodextrin – sugars that take longer for the body to absorb and metabolize into a simpler form before they can be used as energy ~ expending energy to get energy.  They also create side effects over time like lactic acid and triglycerides in the muscles that hurt performance and recovery and many contain caffeine, which artificially increases the heart rate and causes dehydration and stuff such as taurine, herbs or those ingredients we can’t even pronounce”

A hot topic in society today is gluten products, although gluten affects less than 2% of the population.   Glucose is like Gluten but affects 100% of the population.  If your glycemic index goes down it means calories are needed and artificial sweeteners have zero calories, so there’s no nutrition = no energy   

Mark pointed out that, “many people in the United States do not understand the difference between good and bad sugar.   For example if you are out on the golf course and eat one of the other energy bars with  all of the artificial additives on the 3rd hole, because it takes longer for the energy burst, your body will not get much effect until about the 12th hole”

Everything has to be converted into glucose so if you need energy NOW Glukos natural energy takes about 60 seconds, so 2x the energy, 2x faster than other products.   Glukos’ core ingredients, the foundation of all Glukos products are water, glucose and electrolytes like potassium for quick energy.  Glukos does not have to be digested in body because it’s good sugar  

Glukos is a “food grade product” not a supplement or vitamin and therefore does not require FDA approval.  However the FDA performs random spot checks at the production facilities where Glukos is made.  As of yet, Glukos does not currently own their own packing facilities

Glukos was born out of Mark Jensen’s MBA thesis project while an employee at Nike headquarters in Oregon.  With the best of science and world class athlete’s on campus Mark gathered feedback and Glukos hit the market grass roots style in 2003 in a ready to drink format in local health food stores and word of mouth

Mark is blessed with a wonderful support team in his family – his wife, parents and others he surrounds himself with and feels he owes much to them.  “Being an entrepreneur is not easy,” said Mark “At least my experience has not been easy at all.  It’s an uphill battle almost every day.  Have I wanted to quit in the past?  Yes.  But in my heart I have always known and felt that this is what I am supposed to do.  I have always known it would work – I just didn’t always know how it was going to work.  I have seen so many miracles and my company and I have been saved so many times, right in the nick of time, If only you knew!”

Mark is a father to 5 children ages 5 thru 14 years old, who all play sports ~ cross-country, track, volleyball, soccer and taekwondo.  “My 5 year old honestly believes that he was born Captain America,” said Mark “so as you can imagine this means that he must be an expert in all things active – requiring a lot of GLUKOS!  No seriously, all of my kids use GLUKOS on a regular basis.  I understand that we are a bit biased but they all love the taste.  As parents we prefer it to other products because there are no artificial ingredients and no sucrose or fructose” 

In April of 2015 Glukos went mainstream re-branded with 5 more products and a platinum PR and leadership team.  President and CEO Mick McCormick, is a former Nike and Columbia Executive and one of original guys who signed Tiger Woods to Nike.  VP of Sales, Joe Urzetta is a former Nike and Callaway Golf Executive

Glukos and Golf.   “Without naming names due to players existing sponsorship obligations, many PGA TOUR players are testing out Glukos products,” said Mark.  Glukos can be found in big box superstores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Smith, PGA Superstores and Troon Golf Resorts

Glukos is versatile and portable.   About 20 minutes before a run maybe drink a gel or powder and during a long bike ride or run take gel or gummies or bar.   After lunchtime at the 3:00 afternoon slump or after work run, a tablet or bar.  Try Glukos immediately following a workout or athletic event to assist in recovery too

Price point:  Drink ($2.50) Powder ($1.25) Gel ($2) Gummies ($2) Tablets ($6) Energy Bars ($2.50) Sample Pack ($40)

Try it out – Shop online at   


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