Norwell: Officials Launch Problem Reporting Link/App

Norwell is gearing up to launch a website link and free smartphone app called See, Click and Fix.

The program will allow townspeople to report non-emergency issues that need fixing, such as pot holes.

Town Administrator Peter Morin explained how the app works.

“It’s an application for desktop and smartphone that allows constituents to report non-emergent concerns to various offices of government, for instance – pot holes. If you observe a pothole, using this application you can identify it and take a picture of it. You use the app that would be on your phone and click it in to report it.”

Once you click it in, the picture or issue is then routed to the proper town department.

“It would come to us and it would be sorted to the department with the authority. Concerns would go to either the selectmen’s office, depending on what they are – Paul Foulsham’s office (DPW) if its road related or the water department if its water related, and the board of health. Those are the ones that we’ve identified. They’ll be sorted out and then it goes into a spreadsheet that you can easily track performance on,” said Morin.

The See, Click and Fix link is now also available on the Norwell town website.


About John Penny

John Penny is a town news reporter at WATD. He primarily covers stories in the towns of Marshfield, Cohasset, Scituate, Norwell, Hingham, Abington and Quincy.