Sagamore: Cape Downwinders Hold Rally Against Plymouth Nuclear Plant


The Cape Downwinders hold a rally beside Labor Day Cape traffic, leading to the Sagamore Bridge. (Photo by Vivian Doughty / WATD)


It’s an official end of summer tradition for some local activists that want Plymouth’s Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station shut down.

As traffic exited the Cape via the Sagamore Bridge on Labor Day, the Cape Downwinders held their “no escape from the Cape” rally.

“We have a bunch of banners and signs and we wave to cars. And we have a sign that says ‘honk if you support us’ and that gets a lot of honks, actually,” said William Maurer, one of the Cape Downwinders.

The Downwinders are drawing attention to emergency official plans to have Cape codders “shelter in place” so as not to interfere with other off-Cape evacuation, in case of a Pilgrim emergency.

Maurer says Pilgrim needs to go.

“It’s condition —  you know, it’s 40 years old. It’s fails in every major nor’easter that’s occurred since 1978. MEMA and the NRC and Entergy just finally put the pieces together to realize that they can’t handle nor’easters in the winter time, and also that they can’t evacuate anybody if they have an emergency shut down that has complications that goes south,” said Maurer.

The Downwinders also rally Memorial Day weekend by the Sagamore Bridge to draw attention to their message.


(Photo by Vivian Doughty / WATD)


(Photo by Vivian Doughty / WATD)


(Photo by Vivian Doughty / WATD)

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