Marshfield: Second Fire Strikes Lapels Dry Cleaning

A Marshfield business is hit by fire for the second time in as many days.

Last Friday night a call came in about a fire at Lapels Dry Cleaning at 776 Plain St. (Rte. 139).

The fire department isn’t releasing many details yet, but says the state Fire Marshal is investigating the cause.

The same building was struck by fire only the night before.

That time, several bystanders called in reports of “smoke from the rear of the building”.

“They also saw some smoke pushing out through the roof of the building, and they called us and we had crews on scene within three minutes,” said Marshfield Fire Chief Bill Hocking.

There were also some flames showing when firefighters responded around 10:50 p.m.  

“When we pulled up, we did see some flames coming up through the rear of the roof area, and the entire building was filled with smoke,” said Hocking.

Firefighters discovered the fire was in between the insulation on top of the rubber roof, and the roof deck itself.

“There’s major construction going on in that unit, toward the back of that unit where the fire occurred.”

And while there is a working fire alarm system in the building, “it did not notify us,” said the chief, “because, what is common practice is when there’s construction going on, little caps are placed over all the smoke detectors so that the dust doesn’t set it off during the day, but then those caps should be removed in the evening, when people leave the building. That didn’t happen, so the fire alarm system wasn’t allowed to operate. So we got the call a lot later than we would have.”

No injuries were reported, but there was smoke and water damage in the rear of the building from last Thursday’s fire.

The extent of further damage from the fire the following night is unclear.

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