Whitman: New Trash and Recycling Collection Program Set to Begin on Monday

After weeks of distributing information and new containers, the town of Whitman will launch its new trash program this week.

Officials have been working with the new hauler, Waste Management, to implement a new trash and recycling collection system. Bruce Martin, the town’s Park & Highway Superintendent says the new program gets underway on Monday, April 4.

“The rubbish is changing from a three barrel manual system to a two barrel cart automated system and that’s the big change in Whitman,” said  Martin.

Waste Management was busy last week distributing new 64 gallon trash and recycling contains, while the town mailed out information to the residents. Martin says his office has field calls on one particular concern.

“Most of the calls, people are concerned that they’re going to be able to fit the trash into the container that we’ve provided. They see one container and I don’t know if they realize how large it actually. It’s 64 gallons, it’s the size of two normal containers, so that’s the biggest concern we’re getting.” 

There’s no immediate plan to allow residents to purchase another bin. The hope is that with the larger container for recyclables, people will recycle more. According to Martin, there are a couple of big “don’ts” that residents should remember as they put their trash and recycling barrels out for pick up.

“Don’t stack anything on top of the barrel, the cover has to be shut. Do not put anything next to the barrel, because that won’t be picked up. Everything has to be in the barrel. The other big don’t is on the recycling side: do not put your recyclables in a trash bag and then in a cart. Everything you put in the cart has to be loose,” Martin said.

For more information, residents can visit the town website; www. whitman-ma.gov


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