Rockland: Town Moving Forward with Automated Trash Pickup

The town of Rockland is gearing up to change its trash pickup procedures soon.

Residents will soon be issued new trash and recycling bins for the town’s new automatic trash truck pickup.

Rockland Board of Health Chairman Steve Nelson said, “By the end of the summer every home will get two, new, basically trash totters – they’re the bigger barrels on wheels – the wheels are nice and big and they roll easy. So every week you’re going to roll your trash out to the curb, and the truck will come by and an automatic arm will empty the bin.”

Residents will also be getting a larger recycling bin, which will picked up every other week.

“The other barrel will be a 95 gallon barrel, which is pretty big, and that will get picked up every other week – that will be for recycling. All the paper and plastic and old magazines and newspapers and things that we’ve been recycling for years, that will get put into the 95 gallon bin.”

After 5 years the town will then own the trash and recycling bins.

The town will be rolling out those bins by September.

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