Abington/Rockland: Water Restrictions

The towns of Abington and Rockland are stepping up their water restrictions due to the significant drought around the South Shore.

The towns have had odd/even water restrictions all summer, where odd numbered houses can water on odd numbered days and even number houses can water on even numbered days. No one is allowed to water on the 31st of the summer months.

“It’s nice to have a green lawn, but god forbid a tragedy happens and your house burns down because we ran out of water so that you can have a green lawn. That’s what were really trying to protect against,” said Abington/Rockland Water Superintendent Dan Callahan.

Callahan says they are now stepping it up a notch by only allowing handheld hose watering on those days.

“If we go around and see any sprinkler systems or anybody using handheld hoses on the wrong day, we give an initial notice to them. Any subsequent violations will result in a $100 fine per event,” said Callahan.

These restrictions will continue until further notice.

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