Canton: Hearing to Expand Deer Hunting in Blue Hills Draws Large Crowd (Audio Report)

A large crowd gathered at a public hearing Tuesday night, hosted by the state Department of Conservation and Recreation at the Blue Hills Regional Technical School in Canton.

At issue is a proposal to extend and expand deer hunting in the Blue Hills Reservation from 4 to 6 days and expand it to the Ponkapoag area as well.

An area for archery hunting is also proposed.

The D.C.R. claims deer are overpopulated and are destroying the vegetation and forest and need to be managed.

But Animal rights activists like Mary Zuka aren’t buying it.

She lashed out at the DCR panel for allowing archery hunting:

However, several hunters like Robert Belbin from Carver voiced their support for the proposal:

If enacted the deer hunt would take place in late November and early December.

Listen to Entire Story Below: 

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