MA: Ride Safe Spokesman Says Ride Sharing Bill is a Win for Consumers, Taxi Industry

Drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft will be facing more regulations in the Bay State.

A bill that is on Gov. Baker’s desk would require that ride sharing drivers go through two rounds of background checks, have decals for their cars, pay commercial tolls and obtain commercial insurance.

Ride Safe Spokesman Scott Solombrino says that a couple of big provisions are missing from the bill.

“We’re disappointed that we didn’t get fingerprinting because that’s the gold standard to be able to really make sure that someone is not doing something improper by having fingerprinting because it’s unique recognition,” Solombrino told WATD.

“But then, the most important thing that hasn’t happened yet is that we’re now petitioning the attorney general in the state of Massachusetts on the misclassification of the drivers for these companies. The TNCs are trying to pay people as independent contractors. There’s nothing independent about them. They are employees, they should be getting W-2s.”

Although the bill does not include fingerprinting or employment classification, Solombrino is still happy with the bill.

“We think this is a win for consumers, we think this is a win for the taxi and chauffeured car sector. We would have liked to have full-blown fingerprinting, but you can’t always get everything you want in legislation — it’s always a compromise. But we think this is a great piece of legislation and we look forward to the governor executing it within the next 10 days,” said Lolombrino.

The bill was one of the last passed during the Massachusetts legislative session, which ended on Sunday.

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