Scituate: Water Supply Dwindling, Town Imposes More Restrictions

Since the beginning of July, Scituate has allowed outdoor watering by handheld hoses only. When selectmen heard from the DPW director and water superintendent Tuesday night, that the town had a 30- to 45-day supply of water left, they imposed more restrictions. 

“With the lack of rain and the heat we’ve noticed increased water usage. Our reservoir is getting down to lower levels. We’re approaching 28% capacity in the reservoir,” DPW Director Kevin Cafferty told WATD.

“The additional restrictions will include no handheld hoses, no filling of swimming pools, no washing of vehicles and no washing of buildings, parking lots, driveways or sidewalks, unless you need water for any health reasons. Also, for the core functions of a business we do allow watering of shrubs, flowers or vegetable gardens by watering can only.” 

Scituate takes its water from a combination of surface and well sources and both sources are challenged. Most local municipalities have mandatory water restrictions in place. The exceptions are Carver and Plympton, which have all private wells, and the city of Brockton and the towns it sells water to.

Scituate Reservoir

Scituate Reservoir

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