Norwell: Proposed US Coast Guard Cameras on North River

The US Coast Guard is proposing to install three cameras on the North River in the town of Norwell.

Norwell Harbormaster Ronald Mott met with selectmen Wednesday night and informed the board that the United States Coast Guard has a coastline camera project in the works.

Harbormaster Mott says he was contacted about the project that would stretch from New Hampshire to Cape Cod.

“What’s happening is the Mass. Harbormaster Association voted to take the project on, so we applied for the grant for this project. We were awarded $1 million this year, the state matched on that $1 million and next year they say they are going to give us another $1 million grant. So it’s basically around a $2 million project that we’re doing here,” said Mott.

Mott says grant money would cover the costs of the nearly $3 million project.

Chairman of the Norwell Board of Selectmen Jason Brown says he’s not sure if there is enough interest yet to move forward.

“I think we’re living in an age of terrorism, and if you look at the news, you see random terrorist acts happening all around the country. They’re happening in places that would not normally be considered targets. So I think it’s a real consideration to look at points of entry where we there could be concern that we could have some activity, like a river in a sleepy town. So I think it’s defiantly valid to look at,” said Brown.

“Whether we do it or not? I don’t know.”

If the project is approved three cameras would be installed along the North River in Norwell.

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