Pembroke: Boy’s Eagle Scout Project Focuses on Combating Drug Abuse

spring scout eagle 2

A Pembroke boy is going for his Eagle Scout badge.

Patrick Spring has been a scout for over ten years and is completing his final project to earn the Eagle Scout rank — the highest ranking in the Boy Scouting program.

Spring’s project is the creation of an expired/unused medication collection day to help combat drug abuse. He says he stuck to becoming an Eagle Scout because of the challenge and the help he has received from friends.

“Most kids usually just drop out when they don’t want to handle it all. It’s pretty challenging to get all the way, from the first time you step into Boy Scouts all the way to Eagle Scout. But I have more or less stuck with it because I have a bunch of friends with me who are helping me out and they’re getting their Eagle Scout rank as well. It’s just a fun time to be with the boys,” Spring told WATD.

Patrick says the idea started with State Rep. Josh Cutler giving his troupe a presentation on the opiate epidemic in Plymouth County.

“It kind of stuck with me. So when I was looking for a project, I had seen some similar ideas to mine on the internet and it just kind of started going from there,” said Spring.

Spring will hold the unused/expired medication collection day on October 15 at the Pembroke Council on Aging at 144 Center St. from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (more info below)

After he finishes his project and attains the Eagle Scout ranking — following final approval and completion of all his merit badges — Patrick plans on staying with his troupe to help younger scouts “along their way.”

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