Plymouth: NRC Inspection Team Arrives at the Pilgrim Plant

Leaders of a Nuclear Regulatory Commission team inspection are set to begin their work today at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant.

Pilgrim is currently receiving additional NRC scrutiny.

In September of 2015, the NRC finalized a “white”- that is, low to moderate safety significance – inspection finding for the plant as a result of a shutdown in January of 2015 that involved the plant’s safety relief valves.

As a result of  this action, in combination with two earlier “white” findings received by the plant, Pilgrim was moved to the “Repetitive Degraded Cornerstone” of the agency’s action matrix, which dictates the agency’s level of oversight at plants.

Neil Sheehan with the NRC spoke with WATD:

The NRC team will be at Pilgrim for three weeks, wrapping up its on-site reviews in January.

It will focus on multiple areas, including human performance, equipment reliability, the quality of plant procedures and the plant’s corrective action program.




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