Plymouth: Anti-Nuclear Protesters Gather to Demand Pilgrim’s Immediate Closure

pilgrim protests dec 2016

Protesters outside Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant on Friday
(Photo: Mimi Walker – More photos below)


The Cape Downwinders, a local anti-nuclear energy group, gathered outside the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station on Friday afternoon alongside citizens from across the South Shore, demanding the immediate revocation of the plant’s operating license.

This, a result of Cape Downwinders Spokesperson Diane Turco inadvertently receiving a revealing email from inspectors working for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission last week.

In the released email, a leading figure from the NRC admits that staffing and infrastructure both miss the mark on proper management. It also detailed concerns with inadequate training and overstocked fuel rods.

Bill Maurer believes the workers are not to blame:

Mary Lampert, who founded Pilgrim Watch in 2001, says the plant should have never gone online in the first place:

Anti-nuclear activists have another concern: Pilgrim’s reactors are the same models as the ones in the Fukushima plant, which blew up during Japan’s earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

If anything were to happen at the Pilgrim Plant, all towns within a 50-mile radius would be affected.

John Gauley of Hingham says the controversy surrounding the Pilgrim Plant should be incentive for the state to look towards other energy systems:

Cape Downwinders spokesperson Diane Turco says the Governor needs to step up:

The NRC has named the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant as one of the three worst maintained nuclear plants in the country.

The Cape Downwinders will hold two more protests in January — one at the Plant, and the other at the State House.

Entergy, the company that owns Pilgrim, announced on April 14 that they intend to refuel the plant in 2017, which would delay its closure until 2019.












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