Plymouth: Clinton Ekes Local Win in Final Tally… Which Part of Town Voted for Who?

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We’re getting a closer look at how the town of Plymouth voted in the presidential election last month. It’s of interest because Plymouth tends to vote more like the rest of the country than the state.

Chris Fava, a member of the Republican Town Committee in Plymouth, breaks down how the vote went.

“The rural precincts obviously supporting Trump. The more suburban areas supporting Clinton — very much the same situation that you saw at the national level,” said Fava.

“And that’s why he was able to win electorally versus popular vote because the electoral vote tends to favor the rural communities.” 

Bill Koehan is with the Plymouth Democratic Town Committee, of which I, Bobbi Clark, am a member.

“In the turnout, there was nearly 33,000 people who voted, and of that, it came down to nearly 500 votes between Hillary and Trump,” said Keohan.

“Hillary won Plymouth, but it was the closest presidential election, here in Plymouth, since 1984.”

Both sides have the same take on the local level. Precincts that went for Trump tended to go to Republican incumbent State Rep, Matt Muratore. 

Those that went for Clinton generally went for Democratic challenger John Mahoney. Except for the Pine Hills.

“They tended to vote Republican on the lower end of the ballot, but they did vote for Clinton,” said Keohan.

Keohan added that “they did something very different that no other precinct in Plymouth did. And they voted for Hillary. They voted for Hillary by over 500 votes over Trump.”

And Fava says, income was a factor and “definitely played a role in that, because, if you look at, for example, Cedarville, Ellisville, the Ponds of Plymouth, that area — that type of group was really the strongest group for Trump,” said Fava.

Listen to the story below:

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