Weymouth: Town Council Wary About Spectra Energy Projects

Spectra Energy Corp is keeping Weymouth Town Council in the dark regarding two major projects.

Construction for the Atlantic Bridge compressor station in North Weymouth is supposed to be in motion by March. However, Spectra has provided no updates and has no approval on a federal, state, and local level.

The Access Northeast project has a set goal of building four miles of pipeline throughout Weymouth. Spectra did confirm that project has been pushed off for at least a year.

Town Councilor Rebecca Haugh says she and her colleagues are wary of energy company strategies, and the proposed projects seem to outline more harm than good.

“I think, especially with Dakota Access, there is a lot more awareness about fossil fuels in general, and expansion and the tactics these companies use to try to push their product. The majority of this gas from the first project is going to Canada, so if we’re in such an energy crisis here in New England why are they allowing so much capacity to go out of our borders,” says Haugh.

Alice Arena, leader of Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station, says the project is a wasteful disaster waiting to happen.

“85% of that gas is going off shore, we’re not getting it at all. So you can’t convince us and say we need it because were not getting it. They’re going to make big bucks in Europe and Asia and that is all they care about,” says Arena.

In March 2016, Mayor Bob Hedlund accused Spectra of avoiding review by the Massachusetts Environmental Protection by creating two separate proposals for the pipeline and the compressor station.


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