Hanover: Mall Headed for Big Changes

Get ready for a new, improved and completely different Hanover Mall in the coming years.

PECO Real Estate Partners, the new owners of the Hanover Mall, discussed their basic blueprint of the new site with officials and residents at a forum at Quan’s Kitchen on Wednesday night.

Ed Callahan, the Hanover Mall’s General Manager, explains why he thinks the mall is ready for big changes: “I think over time Hanover used to be more of a B+ mall but with the economy and the competition we faced back in 2008 when stores began to close, we started to diminish. So our goal is to create more of an outdoor experience.”

The new development team believes converting the mall into an open-air setting will allow for several new business opportunities and job openings. The team addressed another possibility of selling a few acres of land for assisted living or multi-family homes.

Hanover Town Manager Troy Clarkson explains why he thinks the Hanover Mall’s makeover is pivotal for the town: “This is a once in a generation opportunity. We see the Hanover Mall as the anchor to the business community, not only in Hanover but to the South Shore. So the fact that the folks at PREP have forged a friendship with the town and are willing to invest tens of millions of dollars into the property, it really sets the stage for Hanover to be an anchor for the next generation.” 

Hanover Mall was purchased by PREP in November 2016 for $39.5 million. The construction is expected to start at the end of this year.

 Mark Wilhoite, Chief Development Officer of PREP, gives a development plan presentation for the Hanover Mall at Quan's Kitchen

Mark Wilhoite, Chief Development Officer of PREP, gives a development plan presentation for the Hanover Mall at Quan’s Kitchen


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