Goldie’s June 2, 2017 Hot Sheet

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June 2, 2017 


Grand Opening!  Celebration tonight at Chef Mary DuMont’s (Harvest alumna) much anticipated Cultivar Restaurant at the Ames Boston Hotel in downtown Boston.  DuMont’s menu highlights sustainable local seasonal and regional ingredients.   Freight Farms hydroponic garden on-site producing delights too

© 2017 Galdones Photography Cultivar at the Ames Boston Hotel 

© 2017 Galdones PhotographyCultivar’s ~ Snail Toast, fresh chick peas, country ham, wild garlic mustard


 Jingle Jangle!  TV Buffs in the midst of binge watching fave shows and movies, did ya notice the catchy music ringing true to your ears?  Enter, TuneFind


Free to use, just search for your show’s episode or movie title to view all songs and play samples.  Easy breezy click-thru to purchase and download from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and YouTube


FunBoy!  2017 line of pool and beach floats are Sassy.  Styles such as Rainbow Cloud Day Beds, Metallic Golden Swans and Unicorn Drink Holders  are the perfect concoction  for hours and hours of lounging day dreaming water paradise!  Price point $25.oo ~ 175.00

FUNBOY-Rainbow-FloatFun Boy line of  summer essentials 


Sugar Daddy!  Wedges from Parson’s Xtreme Golf make a great gift for Father’s Day or any other day for that matter.  PXG Golf New England Region Mobile Fitting Specialists are out and about this summer season in PXG’s custom fitting vans.  Go to and schedule your custom fitting ~ free of charge  

PXG-nobodyParson’s Xtreme Golf 

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