Plymouth: Discussion on Opioid Crisis Focuses on Resources for Grandparents

Opioid Discussion Leaders at Rep Muratore's Opioid Epidemic  Discussion on Thursday

Opioid Discussion Leaders at Rep. Muratore’s Opioid Epidemic
Discussion on Thursday

In Plymouth, State Rep Matt Muratore hosted a discussion Thursday at the Council for Active Living about the opioid crisis in Plymouth County. Muratore particularly focused on grandparents…

“…because more and more grandparents are raising children from love ones who had the opiate addiction.”

Colleen Pritoni is director of the Commission on the Status of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. She told the group about their website:

“And what we really try to do is get information out to grandparents and providers around the state so that they’re familiar with the resources that are available to them, support groups that are in their communities. We have a website which is”

Plymouth Police Captain John Rogers spoke about dealing with people multiple times who do not want to seek treatment: 

“When we determine that someone—we don’t believe someone has the mechanism to seek this treatment themselves we’re going to petition the court to do that and we’re going to get them some help.”

District Attorney Tim Cruz talked about the county outreach program he and Sheriff Joseph McDonald organized:

“I think we’re making progress, and I think, especially in our county, now that we have the outreach program. We’re all working together in all 27 communities in Plymouth County.

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