Marshfield: Selectmen Approve New Town Administrator’s Contract

In Marshfield, the Board of Selectmen unanimously approved the contract for the new Town Administrator.

Assistant Secretary of the Commonwealth, Michael Maresco, was appointed by the board after the field was narrowed down to three candidates.

“I love Marshfield, I chose to live here, I want to use my talents to solve a lot of the problems,” said Maresco. “I want to work to make sure that we have a strong budget, strong stabilization fund. I want to improve the way we do business at Town Hall — I want to make Town Hall more welcoming.”

Maresco said he’s lived in Marshfield for the last 24 years and has a state government career spanning over 30.

He wants to address collection issues in town, along with improving communication between boards.

“We want to welcome people, we want to create a much friendlier attitude. I want to have the ability to sit down and listen to some of the department heads, I want to get right into department head meetings,” said Maresco. “It’s important that we all work together for the greater good of the community.”

Three candidates were offered interviews by the Board of Selectmen. One person chose not to interview.

“Mr. Maresco had a great interview. His answers to the questions were more detailed and informative,” said Selectmen Chair Michael Bradley. “My feeling is he had more of the pulse of the town. He also had more heart in his questions. That doesn’t mean our other candidate wasn’t good — he was great — I just think Mr. Maresco beat him out.”

Bradley says the terms of the contract will be available on the town website.

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