Quincy: Wollaston T Station Closure Delayed

State Senator John Keenan held a press conference in Quincy Thursday for an update on the Wollaston MBTA Station renovation project.

Representatives from the MBTA and other state and city officials were on hand for the event.

State Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Pollack said the T is slightly delaying the closing date of the Wollaston T Station, at the request of Red Line riders.

“We had originally planned to start the closure on January 2 – we heard loud and clear that starting right after the holiday week was a bad idea in terms of making sure that people were going to be aware, in terms of our in ability to get the word out in the weeks before the closure, and in terms of our ability to test the shuttle routes in real traffic conditions.

So we’ve moved the closure date to Monday, January 8, to ensure that after people kind of reemerge from the holidays the week of the first – and second – we have plenty of time to make sure our customers know exactly what to expect, and to make sure that all of our shuttle routes are in place, and are going to work.”

MBTA General Manager Luis Manuel Ramirez is warning Wollaston T riders to plan ahead and allow extra time to get to their destinations with the shuttle buses.

“Because of your feedback, we’ll be implementing a shuttle service that will take customers to both North Quincy and Quincy Center stations.

Our test runs of the shuttle service show that customers should add 15 to 20 minutes on to their normal travel times. That’s just in anticipation of the additional time you’re going to need to be able to load and unload and go through the process.”

Riders will also be able to get free commuter rail transfers with a valid Charlie card during peak hours.

The Wollaston renovation project expected to be wrapped up in the summer of 2019.

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