Marshfield: Police and SWAT Team Respond to Home on Surrey Road

A large police presence in Marshfield Wednesday afternoon including a Metrolec Swat team, responding to a home at 9 Surrey Road. 
Marshfield Police Chief Phil Tavares, says they took a man into custody, Michhael Rembisz, who is known to local law enforcement. 
Chief Tavares says information that they had gathered “indicted that he was a danger to himself and potentially others and had threatened to kill Marshfield Police Officers, and that he had acquired a number of firearms.”

This citizen had detailed information about Rembisz possessing firearms and was concerned about his deteriorating mental status and emotional state of mind. They stated he had become like an “anarchist” and was further distraught over being arrested last Friday evening by Marshfield Police Officers. At that time he resisted arrest. 

The Marshfield Police established a soft perimeter around the home without being noticeable to the suspect Rembisz. Marshfield Police also contacted the Metrolec SWAT Team for assistance. Police had Rembisz under surveillance at his home and driveway from approximately 12:20pm until about 1:40pm when he left the front of the house and ran. He was immediately apprehended by Marshfield Police and placed in custody. 

Police also confiscated a loaded 22 caliber rifle, a 22 caliber gun and a loaded magazine in the car in the driveway.  Two more firearms were located inside the house as well as additional ammunition. 
Rembisz is facing several charges including: threats to commit a crime – to wit Murder, 2 Counts of Intimidation of a Government Witness, 2 Counts of Possession of an Unlicensed Firearm and 3 Counts of Possession Ammunition.
Chief Tavares says the person that had concerns about Rembisz, told police that “His behavior had deteriorated, that he had become anti-government, and some type of anarchist, he was acquiring firearms, he had a number of firearms here at the home and he was threatening to kill police officers and himself”  
Home at 9 Surrey Road Photo Credit: Ed Perry

Home at 9 Surrey Road Photo Credit: Ed Perry


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