Bridgewater: State Officials Attend Opioid Conference


Governor Charlie Baker and other officials attended a conference held by the Plymouth County Drug Task Force at Bridgewater State University on Wednesday to discuss efforts being taken to battle the opioid epidemic.

Governor Baker has been tackling this uphill battle by increasing spending by 60% to implement new treatment programs and adding 1,100 treatment beds in the state resulting in a drop in overdose deaths.

“We are doing a lot of really good things, the reason we filed that second piece of legislation is because we need to do more. This is a relentless disease that has no feelings, it takes no prisoners,” said Gov. Baker.

Plymouth County District Attorney, Tim Cruz, praises the collaborative efforts between the nontraditional partners that are making resources available.

“I think this conference shows that there is hope out there, there has been a lot of progress and a lot of good people are working really hard,” said D.A. Tim Cruz.

Attacking from both sides, Fentanyl and Carfentanyl are now classified as a schedule one drug due to a bill that was passed and Massachusetts is one of the only states that requires drug prescribers to pass a course in opioid therapy and pain management.

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