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Thursday, May 10, 2018 95.9 WATD’s The South Shore’s Morning News Broadcast

Goldie’s Hot Sheet features trending Golf Lifestyle ‘N Culture picks for the Stylish and Informed Golfer ~ stuff YOU NEED TO KNOW ’cause golfers have a full life OFF THE COURSE too!  This week Goldie’s talking to Golf Performance Coach Bill McInerney

KOHR Golf Banner-01KOHR Golf Center in Natick, MA 

KOHR Golf Center is a bold new concept in a driving range and practice facility located in Natick, MA.  Co-Founder and Managing Partner Bill McInerney brings over 20+ years of golf industry knowledge to KOHR Golf.  He’s even ‘rounded up some of the best instructors in New England offering all sorts of uniquely sculpted clinics for men, women and juniors alike!   

There’s something for everyone at KOHR Golfclassy touches like real greens shaped just as you would experience on a real golf course, yardage cards and nighttime lighting serve to make any golfer’s visit a fun and memorable one 

Rounding out the experience is Cool Clubs Boston, a custom fitting studio on site owned by former Belmont Country Club Golf Professional Glen Sutton.   Many other special projects are slated to roll out throughout the year (10 covered heated hitting bays, a 4,000 square foot indoor training center) and if all goes as planned, will serve to position KOHR Golf quite nicely as a true force to be reckoned with in the arenas of golf instruction, golf fitness and golf technologies

AUDIO EXTRA!  Goldie’s full chat with KOHR Golf’s Bill McInerney

Bill13KOHR Golf Academy Junior learning from Golf Performance Coach Bill McInerney 

McInerney’s KOHR Golf Academy has over 75 students ages 8 – 17 who train from March thru October, arguably some of the best junior golfers in the country!  For more information about enrollment in any of KOHR Golf’s many offerings or wanna just to stop by and hit a few buckets of balls go to KOHRGOLF

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