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Pembroke: Police Promote Good Samaritan Law

Pembroke Police are spreading the word that “The Good Samaritan Law” will protect anybody who calls police to the scene of an overdose.

Passed in 2007, the Massachusetts Good Samaritan Law encourages someone who witnesses an overdose to seek help from police by providing the caller, and the person who overdosed, protection from arrest for drug possession.

Pembroke Lieutenant David Clauss, says if they are responding to an overdose, they are not looking to make arrests, but instead offer help.

In addition to getting the patient help, they will take names of people at the scene to offer resources, whether it’s a friend with a substance use disorder, or a family member that doesn’t know how to help a loved one.

The only exception to this law if there is a large amount of paraphernalia at the location that would indicate any sort of drug distribution and/or trafficking.

Clauss also recommends Plymouth County Outreach Drop-In Centers, where rescue kits containing Narcan are demonstrated and given out.

2017 Plymouth County Outreach statistics show that of the 1,072 incidents where Narcan was administered, 1,023 or 95% of the individuals survived the overdose.

For a schedule of Drop-In Centers visit


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