Plymouth: 8th Grade Students Call on Officials to Help Stop Vaping

Kate Fitzgerald’s 8th grade Civics  Class with Sen. deMacedo

Sen. deMacedo Talks with Students

In Plymouth, Kate Fitzgerald’s 8th grade Civics Class at South Intermediate School is on a mission to raise awareness about the harmful effects of vaping. Students recently made an in person plea to the board of health and on Friday, hosted State Senator Vinny deMacedo to ask for help.

Hugo Gizzi is a student leader of that effort:

“We noticed that there were a lot of kids in our grade and other grades vaping, you know, in the bathrooms or like on the social media and so we saw this and we noticed it was a big issue…we wanted to do something about it.”

Hugo Gizzo

Hugo Gizzi

The first thing they did was to ask the Board of Health, to consider a regulation change that would move the age to purchase e-cigarettes and vaping devices from 18 to 21—because of the severity of the problem, according to Gizzi:

“It’s a really big problem here at our school and other schools, and it’s like, we really want to do something about it.”

Next the students gave a power point presentation to Senator deMacedo documenting the dangers of vaping, They asked for his help in amending Section 24 of a bill currently under consideration:

“It’s a part of a piece of legislation in regards to raising the age on tobacco use, but in that, it allows individuals under the age of 21 to continue to vape.”

deMacedo says he’ll try to help:

“Certainly what I think I’ll do, in the short term, is, you know, address the issue of Section 24 and see if I can’t get it removed.”

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Kate Fitzgerald’s 8th grade Civics  Class pictured with Sen. deMacedo

Kate Fitzgerald’s 8th Grade Civics
Class pictured with Sen. deMacedo

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