Plymouth: Charter Review Committee Proposes 3rd Town Meeting

In Plymouth, the Charter Review Committee has been at work for almost a year and the group plans to bring their revisions to fall Town Meeting.

David Peck, Vice Chair of the Charter Review Committee says after months of examining the charters of other towns, getting input from town officials and committees, the group took a vote late last year:

“So after several months, the committee took a vote to maintain town meeting format.”

But, the committee did considered going to an alternate form of government:

“A majority of the Committee felt we will stick with town meeting and refine it. But a minority wanted to go to some form of town council system—not a mayor system, but a town council.”

Several other changes have been examined:

“As of now, our draft charter does not change the size of town meeting. It does not change the number of selectmen.

So, what about the powers of the town moderator as stated in the existing charter?

“Moderator, we still have not come to a final conclusion—that is one of the issues that remains before we say our draft is ready for further public discussion.”

But the draft charter does contain a provision regarding the number of town meetings, currently scheduled twice a year:

“The Committee has endorsed the concept of a 3rd town meeting.”

The Charter Review Committee meets next Thursday evening at 6:30 at town hall.

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