Rockland: Residents Calling for More Town Officials to Resign

After one town official in Rockland has resigned amid a scandal, residents are calling for two more officials to step down.

Some residents feel Town Administrator Allan Chiocca and Selectman Ed Kimball should resign. Both were named in findings of an investigation into alleged misconduct.

“There’s some very bad behavior that’s going on there,” said resident Rudy Childs. “I know they have to play by the Robert’s Rules of order game and all that, and no one wants to talk because of lawyers. It just seems they need to clean house – drain the swamp.”

Regina Ryan of Discrimination and Harassment Solutions, LLC says Selectman Deirdre Hall pressured Chiocca into sexual activities at Town Hall in May. Hall resigned on Tuesday.

In the report, Chiocca told the investigator he had four beers that night at a nearby bar and opened a bottle of wine after-hours at Town Hall.

The report quotes Kimball saying he had an emotional and physical relationship with Hall months prior.

Because Chiocca is a town employee, it’s up to the selectmen to decide his future.

“I have no intention to resign, I plan on completing my term,” Kimball said Tuesday. “My term’s up in April.”

Larry Ryan, the Chair of the Selectmen, previously said Kimball made a “fatal error” and lied to the board.

“As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Kimball lied to us. From the beginning of the investigation until recently,” said Chairman Ryan. “Therefore, I no longer have any trust in Mr. Kimball to represent this board in any action.”

“His relationship with the former Vice Chairman has compromised his ability to do what is best for the Town of Rockland,” Selectman Mike O’Loughlin wrote in a statement.

Residents have pulled papers to recall Kimball from the board.

“Allan Chiocca did a fantastic job for this town, and so has Ed [Kimball],” said resident June Pat Donnelly. “But Ed has lost our trust.”

Richard Penney, a resident and member of the Finance Committee, is among those who is collecting signatures to recall Kimball.

“I’ve always had a lot of respect for Ed [Kimball] going back to Youth Football, what he did for the Middle School and High School project, and what he’s done up until recently for the Board of Selectmen,” said Penney.

But he says Kimball’s actions have “scarred all the good will he’s created.”

“In my opinion, he has one last opportunity to do the right thing for the town,” said Penney. “He’s done a lot of great things for the town, and that last thing is to make this go away. Just resign and end it.”

Penney says he’ll be among those collecting signatures on Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon in the park area of Town Hall.

Because Chiocca is a town employee, the Selectmen are set to meet in executive session next Tuesday to decide his future.

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