Weymouth: License Remains Suspended for Dog Kennel Where a Dog Died

A license for a dog kennel in Weymouth where a dog passed away remains suspended after an appeal hearing held on Thursday.

On May 29th, Weymouth Animal Control Officer, Mark Parker, responded to a call of a 5-year-old Siberian Husky named Luna that passed away while being boarded overnight at K-9 Daycare located at 400 Washington Street.


That’s the Solicitor for the Town of Weymouth, Joe Callanan, who says in addition to the crate being 4 sizes too small for the 61 pound husky, she had no access to water which is a direct violation of a local ordinance that requires animals to have water at all times.

The owner of K-9 Daycare, Katie Smith, asked for an appeal of the license suspension which took place Thursday afternoon.


Smith and K-9 Daycare employee, Dale Wilson, who is also facing criminal animal cruelty charges are scheduled to be arraigned on July 27th.


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