Hanover: Residential Plan Discussed for Hanover Mall Site

hanover mall render

The owners of the Hanover Mall detailed their plans for redevelopment at a meeting.

Lloyd Sova, the Vice-President of Development at PECO Real Estate Partners (PREP), says the project will include a mix of open-air retail and roughly 300 residential units. The project is called Hanover Crossing.

“As everybody can see right now, the mall is dilapidating. It’s progressing in a negative manner,” said Sova. “What this is going to do, is revitalize a very important location in Hanover, the central location. It’s now going to provide additional tax dollars even beyond the heyday of the mall.”

He said the residential component would be on the eight-acre site where Patriot Cinemas currently is.

The project still needs approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board in Hanover, but deconstruction of the current mall could begin in 2020. The residential portion would start around 2021.

The residential portion brought a mixed reaction from the three hundred people who attended the meeting.

Some were concerned with the impact that it would have on water in town.

“What we’re committing to do is to work with the DPW of Hanover to reduce, minimize as much as possible, to get to that zero additional gallons used,” said Sova. “That is definitely our goal.”

During the meeting, Joyce Maclellan was not sold.

“When I hear zero impact…that’s hard to swallow,” said Maclellan. “It isn’t about watering lawns, it’s about increasing your footprint.”

Hanover resident John O’Leary feels a balance must be struck when bringing in business, but felt the residential component wasn’t properly discussed when this project was first presented.

“I think if you’re going to do anything at all, the best thing is to be transparent up front. When we had the special town meeting for the TIF, if they said this up front, I think there would be a lot more buy-in on this,” said O’Leary. “Right now, it looked like these guys burned and crashed. The answers tonight just weren’t credible.”  

Sova says it’s a misunderstanding, and that they had always planned for a different use at the Patriot Cinemas site. He said a developer approached them with a proposal after the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) was signed with the town.

“I tried to be as transparent as possible with what I knew at the time, which was there was going to be something there, I just [didn’t] know what it was,” said Sova. “Unfortunately they’ve taken it as a negative, which certainly is not what it was meant to be. There’s no benefit for me holding that back at all.”

Going forward, he says people with questions or concerns can go to their website, TheHanoverCrossing.com.

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