Plymouth: Farewell Ceremony for the Shichigahama Delegation from Japan


In a farewell ceremony at Plymouth Town Hall Wednesday morning, town officials send off the Shichigahama delegation from Japan, that’s 14 students and seven adults, with a piece of the rock…

Selectman Chair Ken Tavares says the group was particularly impressed with story of the Pilgrims, so…

“…the gift from the town is a small piece of Plymouth rock that belonged to one of the older families in Plymouth. They donated a piece of the rock, so we presented it.”

Mutsuo Oomachi, Chairs the Shichigahama Town Council. This is the second time around for him since he visited 8 years ago. Through an interpreter, Californian, Tyler Gilbert, Oomachi says:

“The construction that’s going on for Plymouth 400 in 2020 is obviously a big difference.”


Chairman Oomachi, admires the size of our lobsters, and particularly enjoys eating it:

“He loves it. He absolutely loves it.! 

But, as for the students… 

“They said that they really enjoyed American sushi—which really surprised me— a win for Plymouth.”

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gary Maestas:

“One of the things that we realized is that we’ve had over 500 children that have been part of this exchange in the 28 years that we’ve had this relationship. It’s exciting to know to know that in 2020 we’ll be celebrating the 400th Anniversary of Plymouth, but also the 30th anniversary of this relationship.”


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