Brockton: Parking Control Officer Fired For Conduct During Dispute with Disabled Resident

The process to terminate a Brockton parking authority officer who is at the center of the city’s latest discrimination lawsuit is underway. Mayor Bill Carpenter released a video statement this week regarding an ongoing probe into a dispute between a disabled city man and a city worker, who allegedly called the resident a racial slur.

The incident took place in March of 2017, when Sean Williamson was parked in a handicap space at Brockton’s Neighborhood Health Center and Jorge Delgado attempted to ticket Williamson car for not possessing a handicap placard. Delgado would later go to the police station and report that a knife was pulled on him. Williamson was arrested but later found not guilty of the charge. He has since filed a lawsuit against the city.

In the video, Carpenter says he ordered an investigation into the incident, which was able to locate a surveillance video of the parking area, which originally could not be found. The mayor has determined that the allegations made by Delagato that Williamson wielded a knife were false, calling his claim reprehensible and not worthy of being a city employee. Delgado has been placed on unpaid leave and a hearing will be held to terminate his employment with the city.

Carpenter also apologized for how he was treated by Delgato, noting that the incident doesn’t represent the city.  Besides the city of Brockton, Carpenter, his former Chief of Staff Darren Duarte, Police Chief John Crowley, Detective Santiago Cirino and Delgato are all named as defendants in the federal lawsuit.


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