Plymouth: Town Meeting to Deliberate 80 Main Motions


In Plymouth, Fall Town Meeting is expected to run longer than what has become the usual wrap-up of town business in one Saturday session—this is because Town Meeting will deliberate over 80 main motions.

Town Moderator Steven Triffletti says that concerning the Charter Review Article 20, Town Meeting will vote 45 motions…

“…since there are 45 separate proposed Charter Changes. Under Article 9, which includes the Community Preservation articles, we have six separate articles with six separate votes. And I would expect that that will result in considerable debate at Town Meeting.”

So much so that…

“We do have a motion for additional adjourned sessions the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and we may find ourselves continuing Town Meeting from the Saturday session to the following week.”

Currently the Charter calls for the Moderator alone to appoint both FinCom and the Charter Review Committee:

“Two of the proposed changes involve a proposal that the Advisory and Finance Committee and the Charter Review Committee be appointed by a committee of 3, chaired by the Town Moderator.”

Triffletti says those appointments have continued for years and there has not been a problem…

“…and quite frankly, it would seem as though it’s micro-managing and adding another layer of committees to trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.”

Town Meeting convenes Saturday, October 20th at 8 AM at North High School.

About Bobbi Clark

Bobbi Clark is a Plymouth area reporter at WATD. She began her career in radio as a producer at a news/talk radio station in Chicago. From there she went to WMAQ-TV, the NBC owned and operated television station in Chicago, As a producer there, she won 5 Emmy Awards for production of special programming. Bobbi is a graduate of Emerson College, with a degree in Writing, Publishing and Literature.