Brockton: City Closing in on Recreation Marijuana Regulations and Zoning

Brockton could soon be part of the next wave of recreational marijuana shops to open in the state.

City officials have been working on legislation for pot shops to do business in Brockton. At Large Councilor Win Farwell says time is being well spent in creating the guidelines for this new industry.

“I think we’ve done a great job of slowly, carefully and cautiously going forward to create business regulations, licensing procedures and now we’re into zoning for implementing the recreation marijuana law that was approved in 2016,” said Farwell who is a member of the Ordinance Committee.

The success of marijuana stores that are now open in Leicester and Northampton, has some questioning if the city might see the similar results. At Large Council Robert Sullivan, who chairs 

“I think in due time we’ll be able to figure out from a financial component what the city will actually realize, most of it is hypothetical,” Sullivan said. ” I think you need to figure out in terms of the saturation of the market place, but at the end of the day I think there will be some type of benefit. We’re really concerned about the human impact it could have on the residents we serve,”

Once the measure is completed it’ll go before the City Council for a vote. Brockton’s Ordinance committee is scheduled to meet again on December 18th.

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