Plymouth: Use of Vaping Devices by School Age Children Increases



At the Plymouth Youth Development Collaborative, or PYDC, meeting on Friday, Superintendent of Plymouth Schools Dr. Gary Maestas spoke about the goal of the PYDC, which is to provide resources to parents of school age children who may be involved in substance abuse, and the increase of vaping by school age children.

Dr. Maestas says the use of vaping devices is a significant challenge in the schools…

“…not only in Plymouth but I hear it across the state and across the country.”

And kids are attracted to vaping at young ages:

“We’ve seen vape devices down at the middle school level and students actually using them at the middle school level, not in schools, but we see they have them in their possession. Yes, they have kids selling them, you know, so they’re getting them somehow and they’re using them,”

State Rep Matt Muratore has four children in the Plymouth Public Schools. He commented on the role anxiety issues can play in substance abuse:

“I think we see a lot more children that deal with anxiety issues. There’s a lot of pressure in society and I think it does come from social media in a lot of ways—that they have to do well in school, that they have to do well in sports, in drama club or whatever they’re in. And it’s okay to try to be successful and to try to do well, but they’re missing the happiness part of what they’re doing and I think we need to start stressing that.”

The PYDC meets next on February 8th at 8 AM in the BID Medical Building.


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