Weymouth: Mayor Hedlund Asks Gov. Baker to Reject Air Quality Permit for the Fore River Basin Compressor Station

Weymouth Mayor Bob Hedlund is asking Governor Charlie Baker to side with residents, now that the Air Quality Study at the Fore River Basin is complete and gives the proposed compressor station project a green light.


Governor Baker put out the RFP, which stands for Request For Proposal, in July of 2017 and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council was given 100-thousand dollars to conduct the study.

They started in April of 2018 and had to have the report complete by today (January 11th)


Hedlund wrote a letter to Baker asking him to reject the Natural Gas Companies air quality permit that will go before the State’s Department of Environmental Protection.

Hedlund says he is concerned because this is one issue that the State has control over.

Other decisions in this process are determined at the Federal level by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission which he says is “basically a rubber stamp for the industry.”


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