Pembroke: 35 Years after Murder, Virginia Hannon’s Family Seeks Justice

In Pembroke, a vigil was held to remember Virginia Hannon, who was murdered 35 years ago at her home on West Street.

There have been no arrests in the murder, but family members are hopeful the case will be solved.

“She was a great person to be around. A lot of fun, she helped you out any time,” said her nephew, Richard Hannon.

“She was there for you when you really needed somebody to talk to.”

Virginia Hannon was remembered as a person who loved to help others, she loved children, and worked at the cafeteria of Bryantville Elementary School.

“Virginia deserves justice,” said her niece, Judy Hannon.

Family members thanked investigators and local media for their efforts in keeping the case active.

WATD Managing Editor Christine James was among those invited to speak.

“We try not to forget any of those stories we cover, any of the victims or any of their families,” said James. “I’ve made a commitment to that, as long as I have been in my job. I think that we have succeeded in that.”

Pembroke Police Detective Ted Cain has been investigating this case for decades, and says he’ll continue as long as it takes.

“We’ve had what we believe are significant breakthroughs in this case,” said Cain. “The breakthroughs have been because of things like this.”

He says each time the case has been publicized, they have gained more information.  

“Hopefully we can come to a conclusion, maybe go forward with some charges, and solve this case,” said Cain.

“I’m optimistic that we will get to the end of this,” said Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz. “That at some point in the very near future, I am hopeful that we will come to a resolution in this matter. That we’ll be in a position to hold someone or some people accountable for their actions. What they did in taking away the life of a vibrant woman.”

Cain and Police Chief Rick Wall knew Hannon growing up. Cain was the first class at Bryantville Elementary School, and Wall delivered newspapers to her home.

“We have a lot of information, sometimes it’s that one piece that ties everything together,” said Wall. “I know there are people out there that know what happened. They have relevance. They just need to come forward. When you talk to the family, it’s still real to them. It’s not too late, it just needs to be done.”

If you have any information about the murder of Virginia Hannon, please contact police or email


Listen to a story on the status of the investigation by WATD Managing Editor Christine James here.

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