Plymouth: Concern Over School Children and Marijuana Edibles

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In Plymouth, marijuana laced brownies, lollipops and gummy bears, and access to them by school children, raise concerns at the Plymouth Youth Development Collaborative, or PYDC meeting on Friday.

Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Chris Campbell explains that the focus of the PYDC is prevention and education…

“…so, no matter where you stand on this issues—legalization pro or anti—that’s not our concern. Our concern is youth consumption. So, I am concerned about how those products look, how they appeal to students, access to students.”

Campbell says that the group’s intent is always educational:

“We’re always trying to refine our educational practices particularly around, you know, the health effect, and the dangers, and the developing brain. I mean, you know, as you just heard during our presentation, the adolescent brain is still developing up until 25.”

And some of the additives in marijuana products can be damaging to the developing brain.

Public Health Director Dr. Nate Horwitz-Willis talked about those substances that can be added to edible products:

“Right now we’re issuing an advisory out to all of our retail and food establishments because we’ve been getting reports from people saying that there have been folks out there putting CBD and even THC in the products and also there are kids that don’t even understand what they’re consuming because there may be high amounts of both CBD and THC in some of these products such as gummies and cookies.”

These additives are designed to produce a euphoric, relaxing and stress reducing effect. 



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