Plymouth: County Commissioners Seek a Lease Agreement from the State Regarding the County Farm


In Plymouth, the 90 acre County Farm is being discussed in executive sessions by the County Commissioners. Executive sessions are used to consider the purchase, exchange, lease or value of property, so what is the County’s goal in these negotiations?

County Commission Chair Dan Pallotta explains: 

“We’re meeting in executive session on the County Farm to discuss back and forth with the state agency that currently occupies it. The Sheriffs’ Department uses the County Farm right now. It’s no longer a County agency it’s a State agency. There needs to be an agreement between the Commonwealth and ourselves.”

The County wants a lease agreement:

“We’re looking for a lease with the Commonwealth. The Sheriff is a Commonwealth employee. He can’t authorize a lease only the Commonwealth can.”

Sheriff Joseph McDonald:

“Mr. Pallotta is misinformed. It’s unfortunate that the Sheriff’s office is not being included in any of these meetings they seem to be having in the secret executive sessions, but there are continuing and ongoing negotiations between this agency, the state Divisions of Capital Asset Management, which is party to this as well, and the County.”

And, further, the Sheriff says he has the authority to enter into a lease:

“We enter into leases on many, many things. This is a state agency, yes, but our jurisdiction is to the County. Our presence on the County farm is important to the community and to the corrections purpose that we serve. We’ve been there for over 100 years, and as long as I have anything to say about it, we’ll be there for the next 100 years.”

About Bobbi Clark

Bobbi Clark is a Plymouth area reporter at WATD. She began her career in radio as a producer at a news/talk radio station in Chicago. From there she went to WMAQ-TV, the NBC owned and operated television station in Chicago, As a producer there, she won 5 Emmy Awards for production of special programming. Bobbi is a graduate of Emerson College, with a degree in Writing, Publishing and Literature.