Plymouth: PYDC Considers Plan to Educate Pot, Alcohol, Tobacco and Vape Shop Owners


In Plymouth, the PYDC, or Plymouth Youth Development Collaborative is considering a plan to educate marijuana, alcohol, tobacco and vape shop owners about the serous risks to young people who use these products.  This was discussed at PYDC meeting on Friday.

 Public Health Director Dr. Nate Horwitz – Willis says there is a concern about the use by school children of alcohol, marijuana and vaping products because of the negative effect on the developing brain: 

 “I’ve had parents talk to me about it, and then also the school system, and so when you talk to one of the children in the school system or many children, they tell you that it’s a bigconcern, especially with the use of vaping because it’s hard to detect.”

 The PYDC’s Kelly Macomber says it would be ideal to meet with shop owners who are selling these products and have a conversation…

“…and just say, you know this is what these products are doing to the developing brain and this is why we want you to be, you know, concerned or at least understand that that happens.”

 Because vaping products are not regulated by the FDA some e-juices marketed as containing 0% nicotine, have been found to actually contain nicotine

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