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Duxbury: Special Permits Now Needed for Seawall Project

Seawall Breach in March 2018

Seawall Breach in March 2018

Duxbury residents that own homes along the seawalls damaged during last year’s storms got some hard hitting news on Wednesday.

Duxbury was originally only dealing with FEMA which offered 75%  reimbursement of the $5 million seawall project.

Because of what the Army Corps of Engineers call the high water mark—- they have informed the town they own beyond the seawall and special permits will be needed.

The Massachusetts office of Coastal Management has informed Duxbury that a beach nourishment study needs to be complete before any construction can begin.

Chair of the Duxbury Seawall Committee, Alicia Babcock, says a consultant has been hired to start the study and folks in town are worried that it will come too late.


As of right now there is no way to speed the process up and Duxbury Selectman Ted Flynn says they will have to follow the guidelines that have been set.


Over 800 feet of Duxbury’s seawalls were destroyed during the storms last year.


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