Cohasset: Police Officers Cleared of Use of Excessive Force

After a month’s long investigation, Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrisey is clearing Cohasset Officers of excessive force after a man died from being tased.

In December of 2018, Lt. Lennon, Officer Bates, and Officer Stotik responded to a violent and gruesome scene at 13 church street where Erich Stelzer of Cohasset was attacking a woman in a locked bedroom.

Officers kicked down the door and instructed the woman to crawl towards them while instructing Stelzer to get down on the ground.

Since Stelzer was not complying, growling, yelling and moving in a threatening manner, officers tased him a total of 4 times.

When Stelzer was subdued, officers noticed he was breathing but had vomited so they began CPR before transporting him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

An autopsy and toxicology report was done and the presence of Amphetamine was noted as well as an enlarged heart that is a known risk factor for sudden cardiac arrhythmia.

In Morrisey’s independent review he says he found “the actions of the Cohasset Police officers who were facing imminent threat of danger…as well as the potential for imminent death of the female who was being violently assaulted, were reasonably necessary.”



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