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MA: 29 Legislators are Banding Together to Say No to Compressor Station in Weymouth

29 legislators are banding together to say No Compressor Station in Weymouth as they send a letter to the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection ahead of the permitting decision.

The proposed compressor station project teeters on the decision to either approve or deny the permits that will be made today by DEP Commissioner Martin Suuberg.

Senator Patrick O’Connor and 28 of his colleagues have sent a letter to Suuberg as well as Hearing Officer Jane Rothschild to voice their concerns about this unprecedented project asking them to rescind all permits

In the letter some issues noted are that the station will be built on 4 acres of land next to the Fore River Bridge in a highly populated area as well as the process itself being fraught with errors and the DEP withholding information from an air quality test which shows already elevated levels of carcinogens in the area

Also noted is that in 2008 the Senate passed the Global Warming Solutions Act which aims to reduce emissions and building a compressor station will hinder the State from meeting those goals.

O’Connor says he’s proud to see this kind of bipartisanship as the majority of the Senate stands in solidarity against the proposed compressor station

Suuberg is scheduled to announce his decision on the permits today.



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